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How to Help a Senior With Personal Hygiene

How to Help a Senior With Personal Hygiene

Seniors may not be able to take care of their personal hygiene as easily as they used to. That is why providing them with assistance for personal routines is part of elderly care in Pinellas County.

If you are helping a senior with their personal hygiene, here are some of the tips that you should keep in mind:

  • Request personal hygiene as a ‘prescription.
    Most older adults follow their doctor’s orders. So if you have personal hygiene as a ‘prescription’ from the doctor, they may not be as averse to your help as they are right now. Let the older adult think that it is part of their home care in Lutz, Florida.
  • Follow the routine the senior is familiar with.
    If the older adult already has a hygiene routine, it is better to follow it. Also, when it comes to the hygiene products they use, it is highly recommended to use the ones that the older adults are familiar with.
  • Respect their modesty.
    For seniors, it can be embarrassing when someone assists them with bathing or grooming. Don’t let them feel more uncomfortable as they already are. Uphold their privacy by preparing towels or robes to cover their body after showering.

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