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Major Factors That Prevent Falls in Older Adults

 Major Factors That Prevent Falls in Older Adults

Seniors are prone to falls. With that in mind, family members and their caregivers in Pasco County must do their best to senior-proof the home so that it becomes a safer place for the elderly to stay in. Here are the major factors to keep in mind if you want to prevent falls in older adults:

  • Safer Home Environment
    Make adjustments to the home to get rid of the things that can cause a senior to fall. These include low-lying stools, loose carpets, and the like. You also need to install tools such as grab bars, lighting fixtures, and the likes to senior-proof the home.
  • Exercises
    Aside from quality elderly care in Pinellas County, you should make health a priority! Older adults are shown to exude positive vibes when they exercise regularly. Most importantly, regular exercise can improve a senior’s balance and core.
  • Regular Medication Review
    Some medications have side effects that cause the senior to experience fatigue or dizziness which can then lead to falls. Thus, it is imperative to review any medications prescribed to a senior and their potential side effects. You can either prepare for these side effects or ask the doctor to prescribe an alternative that will have little to no negative impact on the older adult.

Care By The Caring is here to help you make the senior’s home a much safer place for them to age independently. Let’s discuss how we can optimize home care in Lutz, Florida for your senior parent. Call us today!

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