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Seated Exercises for Seniors With Limited Mobility

Seated Exercises for Seniors With Limited Mobility

Exercise is even more important for seniors who are wheelchair-bound. For seniors with limited mobility issues and receiving home care in Lutz, Florida, here are the top chair exercises they can do:

  • Seated Row
    Let’s work on that upper back and chest muscles! Let the senior sit on the chair’s edge and hold their arms out with their elbows bent. Slowly let them draw their elbows back while squeezing their shoulder blades together. Repeat this set of actions 8-10 times.
  • Overhead Arm Raises
    Next, let’s strengthen the senior’s arms and shoulders. The senior’s caregivers in Pasco County must prepare an armless chair. The senior has to sit on this chair for a wider range of motion, with their feet laid flat on the floor. Keep their back straight and let them hold one-pound weights in both hands. Slowly raise their arms, pause while it’s above their heads, and then lower to the starting position. Let the senior perform these actions 8-10 times.
  • Knee Lifts
    Don’t forget to exercise the senior’s stomach muscles! Knee lifts can do that, and it can even train the quads and the muscles that flex the hips. To start, slowly have your senior loved one lift their knee toward their chest and then lower it. Do the same with the other leg. The senior should repeat these actions 8-10 times for each leg.

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