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Ways to Keep Track of Medication Intake

Ways to Keep Track of Medication Intake

A lot of people don’t take their medication intake seriously. Some of the common mistakes that they make are not taking their medication on time and missing a dosage entirely. While these mistakes may seem minimal, these could already have serious consequences on a person’s health.

There is a reason why a medication is given at a specified dosage and should be taken at a given time interval. These were even stressed out by physicians and pharmacists when these were prescribed. This is why there’s no reason not to follow it. In fact, this is very important when it comes to elderly care in Pinellas County.

Unfortunately, there are times when patients have a hard time keeping track of their medication. This may be due to busy schedules, confusion, or just simple forgetfulness.

For whatever reason it may be, no patient has to suffer the consequences of medication non-compliance. Here are some tips that are worth taking note of:

  • Make a list.
    List your medications according to your intake schedule.
  • Utilize a pillbox.
    Sort out your medications accordingly and refill the pillbox regularly.
  • Create an alarm system.
    Take advantage of your mobile phone and other gadgets to set up an alarm system.
  • Refill prescriptions before it runs out.
    If you or a loved one has limited physical mobility and finds this challenging, you can always tap the help of caregivers in Pasco County.

With these tips, medication intake doesn’t have to be a huge struggle. More so with the help of Care By The Caring, a home care in Lutz, Florida.

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