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How to Stay Healthy Despite Taking Immunosuppressant Medications – 1

How to Stay Healthy Despite Taking Immunosuppressant Medications - 1

In this COVID-19 pandemic, one of the essential things we need to do for ourselves is strengthening our immune system. However, there are certain illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, or HIV which require patients to take immunosuppressant medications, resulting in a weakened immune system. Home Care in Lutz, Florida provides the following tips on how you can stay healthy despite having to take such medications:

  • Maintain good hygiene
    Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly and often. Scrub your hands using warm water and antibacterial soap for at least 20 seconds. As frequent handwashing leads to dry skin, keep moisturizing lotions handy.
  • Stay at home
    As much as possible, you need to stay at home. But since you’ll need to go out to buy some necessities, especially if you don’t have anyone with you to do such a job, you need to get in and out fast while keeping your distance in a shop. Wear safety masks and gloves, as well. You can even opt to use noncontact payment methods for your purchases.
  • Care for open wounds
    Immunosuppressant medications tend to increase your risk of infection, which is why you need to seriously take care of your wounds. This is a task that our caregivers in Pasco County can help you with. Clean your cuts, sores, and open wounds, and make sure to wash your hands before and after cleaning the cut.

Care By The Caring, an Elderly Care in Pinellas County, stands by you in this trying times.

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