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How to Stay Healthy Despite Taking Immunosuppressant Medications – 2

How to Stay Healthy Despite Taking Immunosuppressant Medications - 2

The world has been adjusting to the new normal. Nations are imposing quarantine for their people and millions are now working at home with only the medical front liners being allowed to go out and about. Social distancing, enhanced quarantine, and boosting the immune system are a talk nowadays but the latter doesn’t have to mean that you need to stop taking immunosuppressant medications when your illness needs them. An Elderly Care in Pinellas County provides more tips on how you can stay healthy even if you’re taking immunosuppressants:

  • Practice safe food preparation
    Always wash your hands when handling foods. There are also certain foods that you need to avoid eating such as raw milk cheeses, unpasteurized milk, raw eggs, raw meat, and raw, unwashed fruits and vegetables. Make sure to cook temperature-sensitive foods at the right temperature, as well.
  • Follow medical instructions
    Follow your prescription instructions religiously. Take the right dose at the right time for the best outcomes. Caregivers in Pasco County can help you be reminded to take your medications daily.
  • Don’t touch your face
    This is one of the most reiterated pandemic guidelines. Bacteria and viruses can easily seep through the nose, eyes, and mouth. Thoroughly wash your hands beforehand if you should touch your face.

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