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Should Seniors Be on Social Media?

Should Seniors Be on Social Media?

Social media seems to be a thing for millennials or teenagers, but it is definitely a thing for seniors too. Do you know that seniors can benefit from being on social media? Here are the top benefits when caregivers in Pasco County teach seniors how to have social media access:

  • Connection
    The primary benefit of being on social media, even when the senior is just at the comfort of their own home receiving quality home care in Lutz, Florida, is that they can connect with other people. They can keep in touch with friends or family members who are geographically distant. They can reconnect with old friends that they haven’t talk to for years. They can even forge new friendships with people online.
  • Civic Engagement
    Social media can spark civic engagement, meaning, it raises awareness on vital social issues that many people are concerned about. They can also find someone to engage in discourse on social media. Aside from social issues, it can also educate on current events, scientific breakthroughs, trends, or historical accounts.
  • Entertainment
    Social media is another form of entertainment. They come in many forms, including clips of old shows, user-created content, or articles.

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